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Volunteering with the Hellenic Ornithological Society

Volunteers are our vital force. They are the heart of H.O.S. since our establishment in 1982, also by volunteers.

Every year hundreds of Greeks and foreigners support our actions contributing substantially to protect birds, habitats and wildlife throughout Greece. H.O.S.’s Board Members are also volunteers!

Without them, our work would be really limited.

How are volunteers involved?

A huge number of people generously giving their time to us. They participate in various actions, including: Σεμινάριο εθελοντών caretakers

  • Important Bird Areas monitoring
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Bird Ringing and Census
  • Public awareness
  • Environmental education
  • Legal support
  • Office work

Why become a volunteer?

  • You are interested in wildlife and its protection
  • You could give another meaning to your weekends
  • You discover new ways of interfere: You make your voice loud and clear!
  • You learn more about the birds and wildlife in general
  • You train on the field by experts
  • You cooperate with other people and you make friends!

Who can become a volunteer?

Any adult could become a volunteer in H.O.S.

Our volunteers are from everywhere, regardless of their studies and professions. As long you have enough enthusiasm, interest and love for nature, you will certainly find the appropriate action that matches your skills and desires. Therefore, it is not necessary to be an expert on birds; ornithological knowledge is only one of the talents we are looking for!

You can become a volunteer:

  • individually in an action, choosing what fits into your schedule from one hour to weeks and months
  • with colleagues as part of your Corporate Team Building
  • as an escape from your urban life, since you are seeking for an opportunity to live in countryside for two weeks or more
  • as an escape from the student and student ordinary life, volunteering in inside or outside
  • as a way to keep active after retirement
  • as a weekend action
  • and gain experience in any H.O.S.’s action (Youth Pass/ Recommendation Letter could be provided)
  • so you keep healthy and fit
  • and meet new friends

Your time makes the difference!

You can support HOS by offering your time: one hour, one day a week, a month or a larger period.

There are so many roles for you in our Society; surely it will be difficult to choose! Just think where you will like to offer and what you can do and you will find the right action for you!


Find the best volunteer opportunity for you

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