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Information centers for Greece's "Wetlands of International Importance" (Ramsar wetlands)

Greek map There are eleven "Wetlands of International Importance" in Greece. There are visitors' information centers at most of them.
IMPORTANT NOTE! : Please contact ahead the Information Center you are interested to, in order to check the visiting hours and general services status.

1. Evros Delta (NE Greece, border with Turkey) (Traianoupolis, 14 km east of Alexandroupolis)
Tel: 25510-61000 fax: 25510-61020, e-mail:

2. Vistonis Lake-Porto Lagos Lagoons (Thrace, NE Greece) (Porto Lagos, on the National Road from Xanthi town to Komotini town).tel/fax: 25410-96646

3. Nestos Delta

  1. Information Center : (Keramoti Town, 45 km from Kavala town, North Greece)
    Tel/fax: 25910-51831

  2. "Visitor's Information Center of the Nestos River Riparian Forest", run by the Forestry Service of Kavala town. Location: west Nestos forest site. You'll find the cross road for the center on the road from Keramoti town to Chrissoulopis town.
    Tel.: 2510-247042 / 2510-461803

4. Lake Kerkini (North Greece, close to Serres town) (Kerkini village, west of the lake, 60 km from Serres town and 45 km from Sidirokastron town.
Tel: 23270-28004 / 23270-28005

5. Lake Koronia-Lake Volvi (North Greece, 60 km from Thessaloniki town) (Apollonia village, south of the Lake Volvi shores.
Tel: 23930-41004 / fax: 23930-41050

6. Aliakmon-Loudias-Axios-Gallikos Delta & Kitros Salinas (Chalastra village, close to Thessaloniki town, North Greece)
Tel/fax: 2310-794811 / 2310-792293

7. Amvrakikos Lagoons

  1. Information Center: (Hill of Salaora, close to Arta town (on the road from the Arta town to the Koronissia village), West Greece). You can ask to see the live video from the camera located near by the Dalmatian Pelican breeding islets.
    Tel: 26810-74772 / e-mail :

  2. Kopraina Natural History Museum, close to Kopraina lighthouse: tel. 26810-69683) e-mail :

  3. Rodia Wetland Center-Amvrakikos Gulf (postal address: Stroggili, 482 00 FILIPPIADA, HELLAS-GREECE). Located in Stroggili village (on the national road from Arta to Preveza, turn on the cross road for Petra-Stroggili villages). It is organizing boat birdwatching trips into the area and it is also running an information center.
    Tel: 26830-41219 / fax: 26830-41387 / e-mail :

  4. Birdwatching Tower of Stroggili (hill of Agia Aikaterini): Tel:26810-74772 / 26810-69683 / 26820-89150.

  5. Children's for the Nature (Chersonissos of Preveza, Neochori, 4 klm northeast of the Preveza town) τηλ: 26810-74772 / 26810-69683 / 26820-89150.

8. Messolongi-Aetolikon Lagoons (Aetolikon town (east bridge area), close to Messolongi town, SW Greece)
Tel: 26320-24128

9. Kotichi Lagoon-Strofilia Forest (Lappas village, NW Peloponissos) Tel: 26930-31651 fax: 26930-31652

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