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Volunteer Work At Antikythira

Antikythira Every spring and autumn we study bird migration in this part of the Mediterranean. More than 200 species have been observed, and more than 100 species have been ringed.

Keen observers and ringers as well as assistants are welcome to participate in our 2 volunteer projects:

Raptor Migration Monitoring

Bird Ringing

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It was an extremely hot today, the wind dropped off around the middle of the day and after that, we had some nice flocks of honey buzzards.

Looks like the migration is warming up.Once more, it was windy and the raptors arrived in the middle of the day. More information:

The first half of the day was slow with a strong wind blowing from north-east. Although the wind continued, the afternoon brought more action. A flock of white storks did not manage to cross the island and after a couple of hours, they decide to land on the island.

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