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GR014 Central Rodopi mountains and Nestos valley
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Criteria: B2, B3, C6
Coordinates: 41o 27' N 24o 32' E (Map)
Altitude: 500-2000 m
Area: 150000 ha

Site Description
An extensive area of forest between the River Nestos and the border with Bulgaria. The site includes the primary Fagus and Pinus forest of Paranestion. Human activities include forestry, stock-raising, and hunting.

Habitats: Forest (Broadleaved deciduous woodland; Native coniferous woodland), Grassland (Alpine, subalpine and boreal grassland)

Land use: agriculture, forestry (90%), water management

Protection status
National Partial International Low
3,900 ha of IBA covered by Wildlife Refuge (Aetorahis/Paranestiou, 3,900 ha). 2,200 ha of IBA covered by Dasiko Symplegma Kariofytou, 2,200 ha). 903 ha of IBA covered by Wildlife Refuge (Tsanaktere/Kariofytou, 903 ha). Part of IBA covered by Wildlife Refuge (D. Symplegma Kentaurou-Pahnis/Mykis, Ehinou, Kotil, 4,000 ha). Part of IBA covered by Wildlife Refuge, Geraka-Oraiou/Stavroupolis, 3,270 ha). 5,312 ha of IBA covered by Wildlife Refuge (Parthenou Dasous, Paranesti-Sellis, 5,312 ha). 550 ha of IBA covered by Natural Monument (Virgin Forest of Central Rodopi, 550 ha). 550 ha of IBA covered by Biogenetic Reserve (Council of Europe) (Partheno Dasos Kentrikis Rodopis, 550 ha).
569 ha of the IBA are covered by Special Protection Area (SPA) PARTHENO DASOS KENTRIKIS RODOPIS(GR1140007).

The site is important for species associated with upland forests.

Species Season Year Min Max Acc Criteria
Phylloscopus orientalis Eastern Bonelli's Warbler breeding 1992 Frequent average B3
Dendrocopos medius Middle Spotted Woodpecker resident 1989 Frequent unknown C6
Picus viridis Eurasian Green Woodpecker resident 1989 Common unknown B2

Conservation issues
The forest is heavily exploited and the main threats come from deforestation and increasingly intensive forest management. Further threats come from dam construction along the Nestos, road building and hunting. Part of the area is a candidate SAC.

Threats: afforestation (high), construction/impact of dyke/dam/barrage (high), deforestation (commercial) (high), infrastructure (high), intensified forest management (high), unsustainable exploitation (medium)

Source: Important Areas for the Birds of Greece
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