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The Hellenic Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (HCBM)

The Hellenic Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (HCBM) is the national program of common bird monitoring. The HCBM scheme has been running in Greece since 2007 by the Hellenic Ornithological Society with a view to both collect data on population trends of common bird species and to provide data to the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS), which is in progress in most European countries (27).

The data obtained from the HCBM scheme are used to generate the national Farmland Bird Index (FBI), an index that each EU country is required to incorporate to the national ’biodiversity indicators’ and to the state of the wider environment. Data are also provided to the PECBMS programme in order to generate supra-national indices for individual species and European composite indices for groups of species (indicators, e.g. forest, farmland, etc.) on an annual basis.
The scheme is long-term, based on the participation of volunteers who undertake monitoring in a specific area (a 2x2km square) every year. Observers visit their site twice per year and record all bird species in 15 pre-selected points. The methodology of the scheme is described in detail in the ‘methodology’ section of the scheme’s webpage.
At the end of each period, data are entered in the HCBM database and analyzed using the TRIM software for the production of national indicators.
In order to participate in the scheme, please complete the Application Form.
HERE you can see the map with this years participation! 


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