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In the following map you may view the two grids used in the GBBA1/EBBA2 project (the 10x10km Greek Grid or the 50x50km UTM Grid) as well as the coverage of squares using standardized methods. Click on the symbol on the left top of the map in order to select between the two grids. You may view this map as a larger image here.





Squares with no fill have not yet been covered by any of the proposed standardized methods. Those squares in green have been covered, while those in orange are partly covered. Squares in dark red have been assigned to someone else already.

How to select a square

Please note down the code of the square you would like to cover and fill this in the registry form.

·         For 10x10km Greek Grid squares it is a 5 digit code (e.g. 10/441)

·         For 50x50km UTM Grid squares it is a 6 digit code (e.g. 34SCJ3)

If you are only providing casual records (i.e. non-standardized methods) you may use both grids but when performing standardized methods please use only the 10x10km Greek Grid.

If you are having difficulty selecting a square or viewing the map please contact us at

All datasheets and grids are also accessible at the EBBA2_Greece Dropbox.


Last updated 1/6/2018

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