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For organized groups of visitors ecotours are organized in the Park (eng/fr/sp). Bird watching, volunteer work and planting are included in the ecotours.

More about the Park's Ecotours

Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education (click to enlarge)
HOS materializes an environmental education program at the "A.Tritsis" Park in cooperation with the Organization of Administration and Management of the Park and with the support of "the system of Coca Cola in Greece". The aim of this program is students and public to learn more about birds and have a direct contact with wildlife and life within other ecosystems. Moreover, is a chance to develop a more creative activity and knowledge for the natural environment in urban societies.

Event Organization

Event (click to enlarge)
Having in mind the aim of environmental sensitization and the acquaintance with birds, every year HOS organizes events in the Park, such as "Birds Celebration" (at the beginning of autumn), "the Swallowing" (at the beginning of spring), "Environmental Day"(at the beginning of summer). During the whole year, our friends can participate in the above wildlife events. You can also take part in Birdwatching Days with the support of skilled members of HOS (Hellenic Ornithological Society) and the supply of special equipment (binoculars, telescopes, guide field).

Interventions for the Improvement of Landscapes

HOS has made small interventions so as the landscapes of the Park to be friendlier for the birds (click to enlarge)
HOS has made small interventions so as the landscapes of the Park to be friendlier for the birds. Has settled artificial nests and feeding bags to help birds through the difficult periods of the year. Moreover, protective planting so as not to be disturbed by human presence. All of these improve even more the hospitable land of the Park.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work
There is an organized group of volunteers who spare some of their time in order to take part in the activities and the basic needs for constructions and repair. We also organize voluntary actions in a regular basis, with the participation of school teams.

Volunteering at the Park


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