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Lake at the Park (click to enlarge) As most of Attica's wetlands have shrunk or disappeared over the past years, the Park's ponds attract those birds that need water (aquatic, wading, shorebirds, birds of reed beds, etc). This is actually the largest water concentration in the Attica basin (particularly after the obliteration of the Faleron Delta area formed by the Ilissos and Kifissos rivers).

Important also for the presence of birds is the variety of vegetation: pine trees and other coniferous, deciduous trees, arable crops (vines, pistachio, olive trees), reed beds and open grasslands that allow various species, each with particular preferences, to reside. Shrubs rich with winter berries (firethorns, ivy) are much appreciated by the birds that feed on them during the harsh months.



Today, the Park's ponds shelter swarms of aquatic organisms. The ponds were built in an area with recurrent pools that soon were settled by aquatic plants and amphibians (frogs and toads) as well, whereas aquatic and shorebirds quickly discovered this oasis. Today they are supplied with water from water wells and surface runoff as well.


The most common tree in our Park's groves is the Aleppo Pine. Its needles are very slender and the cones hang from the branches on short "petioles". It's a tree that will survive without much care for many years.

Agricultural cultivations

In the Park, nowadays, we come across extended parts with multiannual arboriculture. The olive trees, the vineyards, the pistachio trees, the fig trees all still remind the visitor of the character of the model Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Center that operated in this location during the 19th century.

The Birds of the Park

A complete list of the birds that have been observed at the "Antonis Tritsis" Park of Environmental Information and Sensitisation

Other animals of the Park

Except for the birds, many other vertebrate species have been recorded at the Park as well.

The protagonists of the month

The animals and birds that visit the Park around the year


Getting there and around

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