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The wind finally dropped and changed to a mild northwesterly, but only at the end of our day of monitoring. The count from today: 3 Black Kites (Milvus migrans); 3 Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)11 Honey Buzzards (Pernis apivorus) At least one juvenile Hobby (Falco subbuteo) is stopping over on the island and also a juvenile […]

Another day with strong wind and poor numbers, but with a new volunteer: Eli from Spain, who is experienced and a veteran in HOS. So, here are todays numbers of migrating raptors: 4 Black Kites (Milvus migrans), 2 of which juveniles; one Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus); one unidentified large falcon (Falco sp.), that passed over […]

Another day with strong northeasterly winds, up to 6 on Beaufort scale. Almost no raptors: even the resident Eleonora’s falcons and Kestrels were not flying much around. Only one Honey Buzzard was spotted in my wind-shaked binoculars, but the direction was opposite to that of migration. Perhaps it is just hanging around the island waiting […]

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