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Today the migration had a stop and we waited in vain for some birds to pass. We counted only 2 Eurasian Sparrowhawks (Accipiter nisus), one of which adult female, and 4 Booted Eagles (Aquila pennata), light morph. One dark booted eagle is stopping over the island since yesterday. Tomorrow again northeasterly wind of 4 and […]

The weather has changed and the wind has been a bit stronger than other days, specially the last hours. We did the hole rounds and we caught a big number of bird in the nets, with a high diversity and some interesting birds. The mayor surprise has been an individual of Eurasian Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus […]

Average day in numbers, but great in species! The first observation of the day was an eagle. What eagle’ A Misterious Eagle, told because it was gliding in awful light. Later on, two more eagles: a juvenile Lesser Spotted, behind our back, and a light Booted.   Meanwhile, the first Marsh Harriers and Sparrowhawks were […]

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