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Not as great as yesterday, with no rarities. Today we had 89 Honey Buzzards, 13 Black Kites and 1 Peregrine. The Egyptian Vulture in Northern Greece left their breeding areas and we should see them soon.

A new day of passage, with a new species for the season: Saker Falcon! The Honey Buzzards were mostly concentrated in one hour in the early afternoon, during which 228 passed, while other seen during the day. Total Honey Buzzards: 240. But not only Honey Buzzards flew today:   3 Black Kites (juveniles), 1 Marsh […]

After the great numbers of yesterday, a poor count today, due to the strong northeasterly wind. Raptors, in fact, prefer to pass over the island of Antikythira with westerly and northwesterly weak winds. One Black Kite (Milvus milvus, Τσίφτης) passed very fast in front of us, while an unidentified Harrier (Circus sp.) has been spotted […]

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