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I wish to participate in the Important Bird Areas Caretaker volunteer activity of the Hellenic Ornithological Society
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Have you ever volunteered in similar projects (environmental or other matter)? (If yes, please define us, for example in which project, for how long, for which NGO, etc)
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3rd choice IBA area
Have you ever participated in field work on conservation or monitoring (eg. studies, monitoring - conservation projects)? If yes, please describe them
Do you have any experience in bird-watching?
What is your relationship with the area you selected? (Resident, place of origin, frequent or occasional visitor, summer visitor, other)
How familiar are you with the area; (how many years or how many times per year you're there)
Are you familiar with the ecology and the conservation status of the IBA you selected?
How often are you willing to visit the IBA? (minimum 3 times/year)
Do you have any business relationship with the IBA? If yes, please describe it
Are you a member or do you participate in any other group, NGO, etc which is active in the IBA; If yes, which?
Do you have a photo camera? Yes No
Can you use your own vehicle for the monitoring of the area?
Do you have a car (regular)? Do you have a special car (off road, etc)? Do you have a motorbike?
Do you have any health problem?
Do you have other interests, skills or do you participate in activities that would be useful for the project?
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