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Agricultural cultivations

Agricultural cultivations  (click to enlarge)
For thousands of years now the agricultural activities (agriculture and animal husbandry) have shaped the natural landscape of the European countryside and have influenced its biodiversity.

In the Park, nowadays, we come across extended parts with multiannual arboriculture. The olive trees, the vineyards, the pistachio trees, the fig trees all still remind the visitor of the character of the model Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Center that operated in this location during the 19th century. A large number of birds, small mammals and reptiles find refuge and food in the agricultural lands which are under the care of the Park's staff without making use of any pesticide, fertilizer or other chemical substances.

A typical image is the one of the many exotic parrots which have found refuge in the Park after having escaped from their cages: they peck at the pistachios as soon as the tree branches are filled with the nutritious fruits!


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