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The protagonists of the month

January: Kingfisher

Kingfisher Kingfisher appears occasional in the Park in autumn and spring. One thing for sure is that in the winter flies all over the lakes, sits in the edge of the reeds and the borders of the canals ready to assault to grasp the food.

February: House Martin

House Martin It sounds weird that the protagonist of the winterlike February is the swallow. The Park is the first place of arrival for the swallow because is that area of the mainland of Greece where every year migratory birds appear.

Hoopoe March: Hoopoe

Hoopoe comes after the swallows and is related to the arrival of the spring. We admire the presence of this bird from the second ten-days of March.

Glossy Ibis April: Glossy Ibis

You will be surprised by this kind of bird when you see it for the first time because of its strange appearance. It looks like a small heron but has a typical extensive and curved beak.

May: Testudo Marginata

Testudo Marginata An animal which lives only in Greece and you can meet with it in Sardinia and that is why it is from the most important species of our country. It can survive even in the hardest climatological conditions and in wildlife sanctuaries with dry vegetation.

June: Frog

Frog On the hearing of his croaking, the night has come and those spring evenings. The Park “A. Tritsis” is one of the few places in the Attica land where frog can sing with its croaking.

July: White Bat

White Bat It is one of the night queens. The White Bat seems extremely energetic inside the Park in the whole year but July seems to be busy enough because her babies born in June attempt their first flies.

August: Kyprinos

Kyprinos There is no visitor in the Park who will not be surprised by the flock of the Kyprinos who fight in order to grasp pieces of bread that people throw away to feed the ducks in the lakes.

September: Grey Heron

Grey Heron Is the biggest from all the herons we find in our country and the main representative of his family. During the Park’s construction we find him there in a permanent base and consists of a pleasant surprise for the visitors. They often fly over their heads and with the big spread of their wings.

October: Wagtail

Wagtail The wagtails appear in the town offering a unique spectacle in the squares and in the roads even before the arrival of the heavy winter and before the last swallows leave.

November: Robin

Robin The first Robins have already appeared by September in the suburbs of Athens making known with a less discouraging way the familiar wish "Have a Nice Winter".

December: Chaffinch

Chaffinch With the arrival of the winter, the cold, cloudy and rainy weather brings to the Park the big mass of linnet in Greece and Europe: the Chaffinch


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